Hypnotherapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses a light trance similar to daydreaming, meditation or a deep relaxation. Everybody experiences this type of concentration while you are driving, or while watching a captivating film, while playing sport, while we receive a massage, while we pray or in the moments between wake and sleep.

During therapeutic trance the client is always aware of what is happening. This deep relaxation makes it possible to make direct contact with your unconscious. 
All our memories and emotions are stored in our unconscious, as well as the resources we need to help us to be ourselves.

Hypnotherapy is a form of therapy that focuses on invigorating our personal empowerment.

During the therapy you tap into your unconscious self healing capacities that we all have in ourselves. The insights we gain are not passively absorbed from outside but come directly from our spirit or soul.

This process of self-consciousness makes it possible for changes to take place on a very deep level, whereby a big shift can take place in a relatively short time. The aim is a short period of therapy, between three and ten sessions depending on the problem. The frequency and the methods are discussed with the client. The sessions take place every two or three weeks. Every session is a step forward in the personal growth. Every session has a particular value of its own and in the wider context of the whole therapy process. The client is always central in the therapy and is respected, not judged and is seen as a unique individual who is able to take decisions on the course of the therapy together with the therapist.

Hypnotherapy can be combined perfectly with most other forms of therapy.

Possible methods 

Possible methods are regression and reincarnation therapy (past life experience), ego state, inner child therapy, E.M.D.R. (eye movement desentisation reprocessing), relaxation techniques, breathing techniques, rebirthing, visualisations, focusing, dream work, letting go rituals, core transformation, family constellation, N.L.P., and others.

Trance is not always necessary when applying these techniques. 

A therapy program is agreed during the intake session.