I have known Lidia for some years now and she is the only person/therapist (I’ve seen a few)/ spiritual teacher/ honest human that has helped free me from past traumas and pain. She sees YOU! And will help in whatever way she can to reach where you need to be. But YOU need to also work on yourself and within yourself.

I will always be eternally grateful to Lidia for all that we have seen and worked through together and her guidance through my traumas and her continuing caring. Through working with Lidia I feel I reached, as I call it, Narnia within myself, explanation below:


Narnia feels safe. I have gone through traumas from my childhood and later years and after many years in therapy with Lidia I came to a point that even when I’m not feeling so great, I walked through that wardrobe, my own mythical wardrobe and I have reached my Narnia, my place of snowy peace. So when I feel really bad I can know I am not far away and soon I will be back through the wardrobe and see my beautiful landscape of truth, my truth.

Lidia, you are a genuine loving spirit and I thank you and also for the laughter we’ve shared which in itself is a therapy!


Over the course of 1 year, and less than 10 meetings, Lidia has helped me develop and redefine my inner tools to deal with my struggles and concerns.

Previously I had tried 2 other therapists in my home country but I’ve never really related to any of them. With Lidia, it was instant. I felt like home talking to a family member who (due to her cultural background) understood where I was coming from and what I was dealing with. That helped me tremendously.
I’ve also learned that it is not about the cure but rather the process to get there. I, like everyone, am a work in progress and after 1 intense year of deep discovery, I now feel stronger to deal with my anxieties, fears, struggles, disappointments, personal history even. We have stopped our regular meetings but, somehow, I still feel she is there for me and available for when I need to strengthen myself some more.
I totally recommend her personal, familiar and comprehensive approach to therapy and I now say sometimes “everyone should have a Lidia” in their lives.
Thank you so much!
SG (comes from a Southern European county, but she is not Italian)

I remember the day when I decided to follow a therapy with Lidia. I got overwhelmed with tears in the middle of the street and instinctively knew this had something to do with my childhood and my parents. After years of soul searching and trying to figure out what was wrong with me, what was wrong with my life that seemed so perfect, yet I had so much undefinable pain inside, it suddenly became clear to me that what I needed was to heal my inner child. After a bit of online search I found Lidia.

Already during our first session, Lidia was able to hit the ‘right’ button. I cried a lot and I felt relieved, that for the first time in my life I had a feeling I finally started to understand where the pain was coming from. During our following sessions it all made more and more sense, like putting puzzle pieces together. With Lidia’s gentle, yet very clear guidance I discovered that I grew up with a narcissistic Dad and a submissive Mom and that I could never let my voice be heard. I wasn’t allowed to feel weak or sad or difficult. I wasn’t allowed to be myself.

During our sessions I was always astonished how flawlessly Lidia managed to put the finger on the right spot and how clear the blurry picture became. Through awareness and realization I started to feel stronger and most importantly, I started to feel more in peace with the situation. In just 5 sessions I got further than I had in years of searching for answers. Lidia, thank you so much for your guidance!


Lidia has been the only person or therapist who was able to tell me something about myself that I did not already know.


Sometimes you want to watch a film that is really unique, a true story that can touch you deeply, but then you realise you have your own story, here to discover. This is the greatest story ever!


Paula comes from a European country and has been working in Africa in war countries where she developed post traumatic symptoms.

Her feedback
Situation before the therapy
Always scared that something bad is going to happen. I need somebody who can help me understand myself. Sometimes I feel anaesthetized, I do not feel my body, also when I am biking, and that is something I really liked doing when I was a child. I feel I am transparent as other people seem unable to see me. I can’t stand people here in this country and I resent being discriminated, I did not expect life to be so difficult here. I am always alert, always moving, if I am at home then I am cleaning the flat. I sometimes have sudden movements and I feel threatened. In Africa I ended my relationship with Frank but he is still a part of my life and always in my thoughts. I still depend on him, sometimes I feel guilty and think I should have taken different decisions, then we would still be together. I find it very hard to imagine a future without him.

Situation now
I have taken very important decisions. I moved back to my country after being away for five years. I want to stay an build something here. I did not think I would have been able to do something like this. I have cleared the situation with Frank and I feel ready to start a new relationship. The key word has been CONTACT. Contact with my body, my inner world, other people, become visible, express my needs and what is important for me. I understood a lot of things about Frank, about our relationship, the way I was without frontiers, without boundaries. I was feeling responsible for him without realizing it, responsible for his family, his past and his pain. I realized my anxiety was a strategy in order not to feel other emotions like anger.
I have no idea where I would have been now without all of this.


Although I would define myself as a positive and happy person, I have always been fluctuating between moments of extreme happiness and moments of intense sadness. Normally it is no problem for me to cope with these feelings, but few months ago my depressing emotions prevailed, and I found myself unable to get back to my equilibrium. Everything seemed too much or too heavy, and I had the feeling I was not able anymore to distinguish between the reality and my dark-colored interpretation of it. Moreover, since I am a foreigner in this country it was difficult for me to comprehend the reactions of the people around me, and I was feeling even more isolated. So I asked help to Lidia. She helped me to recognize the situations in which I tend to lose contact with reality, and helped me to develop “the tools” to neutralize them. Now I feel much better, and I know that next time I will be in a depressing moment I will be able to face it with the right weapons!