Hypnotherapy is a very suitable tool in psychosomatics and Functional Somatic Syndromes (FSS).

The point of view shared by psychosomatics is that body, thoughts and emotions can influence one another. Therefore it is possible to influence a physical sickness by working on and realizing particular emotions and by changing thoughts and behavioural patterns.

The Romans said MENS SANA IN CORPORE SANO, healthy mind in healthy body. 
This saying seems to underline the influence that physical and emotional well-being have on one another. To place this in perspective it is enough to think about how our health declines after periods of stress or as a consequence of radical events. 

The division between body and mind in medicine is something that took place only around 1750, with the scientific developments from Newton. Since then the mind or spirit were considered to be under the jurisdiction of the church and the body under the jurisdiction of science. This is also the reason why all other kinds of medicine see the human being as a whole consisting of body, mind and soul.

Traumatic experiences are not only stored on an emotional level but also on the physical level. The emotional charge of the different traumas can influence our immune system and health conditions. Through processing old traumas and the emotional charges that are connected to a certain sickness it is possible to find resources inside of us that could help us start a healing process. 

Psychosomatics is therefore not only applicable to what are called psychosomatic disorders but also to gain insights in illness in order to make way to new healing possibilities.