Relationship therapy can help you get through a crisis. In all relationships there are moments of crisis that, with therapy, can become a chance to grow.

We always bring our baggage with us into our relationships, a collection of manners, values, expectations, patterns we took on in our family and all kinds of fears. In a relationship buttons are pushed and the pain of old wounds reactivated. Recriminations, irritations, frustrations can hinder communication.

Healing old pain and patters that are brought up in a relationship can improve life. A deeper connection and understanding in the relationship will be achieved when old fear are worked through. What was seen as a problem or crisis can be turned around to add value to the relationship.

Sometimes a relationship has run its course and it’s time to move on. Then, people may ask for relationship therapy to end the relationship in a more peaceful way. This will give each partner the chance to say what they need to say. The therapy can help them find respect again so that it is possible to grieve and let go. Self love and dignity can be restored.

I welcome people with different kinds of relationships and sexual orientations. Gay and lesbian couples are welcome.

Relationship therapy can also be applied to other kinds of relationships such as family connections. Sessions with mother and daughter, mother and son, or with a father or siblings are seen as systemic therapy. Intergenerational therapy can help people solve old blockages, give back inherited patterns and find healing.