I am born in Italy and have been living in Amsterdam since 1992. I have been interested in parapsychology and spirituality since I was a teenager, this because of personal experiences. At the age of 15 or 16, together with other students, I started a group for women’s awareness and self-development.

I have always been very sensitive and sometimes that being empathic and hypersensitivity has been difficult to deal with in situations where other people were suppressing their emotions and inner experiences. Over the years I have learned to see, and use, this sensitivity as a toot to make contact with people on a deeper level. Nowadays, I experience my hypersensitivity as a gift I am blessed with that I can use as a tool while giving therapy.

The need to be able to deal with my sensitivity has been a motivation to follow different courses and workshops such as intuitive development, healing, reiki, and more. In the 90’s I worked with a ‘healing on location service’ project for people with terminal illnesses.

Later I followed the master training in hypnotherapy and integral psychosocial therapy at Academie Hypnos in Bussum. (www.hypnos.nl).

After that I took a specialization in art therapy, and underwent training in family constellations, Gestalt, bodywork, Mindfulness trainer, IMET (Instituut voor Mentaal-Emotieve Training), and creative techniques. In 2016 I finished my master’s in art therapy at the HU (Hogeschool van Utrecht). I see self-development and self-reflection as two basic principles in my work as a therapist. I think a therapist who explores what is going on inside oneself can help others to develop through similar inner experiences.

Alongside my practice I have been working for many years in a psychiatric setting, the Valeriuskliniek, later Nieuwe Valeriuskliniek, and i-psy interculturele psychiatrie in Amsterdam. These have been important experiences in learning to deal with complicated and acute psychiatric crisis. Empathy, authenticity, equality, non-judgmental connection, seeing everybody as a unique individual are important concepts in my personal vision. I have experiences that these are very important in making contact also with people who have lost contact with reality.

In my life I have been in touch with different cultures and therefore I find it easy and natural to tune into and understand different personal and cultural backgrounds. I speak several languages and can give therapy in English, Dutch, Italian and Spanish.