There are some personal themes that seem to be more recurrent with women than with men. These themes not only have their origins in one’s personality itself, but are also connected with the family, the cultural background and the woman’s own body.

You will certainly recognize yourself in some of the next statements.

As a woman you feel sometimes very emotional, hypersensitive and mood swings can be bothering you. Your menstruation pattern has sometimes more influence on you life than what you would like. Maybe your expectations on intimacy and sexuality are different than your partner’s. You can feel confused by feelings connected to the phase of life in which you are at the moment.

For example:

  • Thoughts or emotions you experience around the question whether to have – children or not.
  • The sudden changes of emotions you experience after the birth and during – the upbringing of you children.
  • The emotional consequences of an abortion or a miscarriage.
  • The changes you go through during the menopause.
  • Experiencing your sexuality.
  • Wishing to conceive but not succeeding.

Under the influence of all this you can become too perfectionist, too critical with yourself and develop a sense of inadequacy or guilt.

Your wish to fulfil the expectations your parents or other people around you have, or to be able to follow the fashion, keep the pace with modern times and society, can be in conflict with what you really want and your search for personal happiness. Women often feel they are victims of circumstances while what they really wish inside is to be free to be themselves.

In dealing with others women seem to be, in their nature, more sensitive. The well being of others seems to be more important than their own. You want so much to help that it seems difficult to stay in contact with yourself. Giving and taking are not in balance. You find it difficult to respect your own personal borders, to say NO and accept it from others.

For many women it seems a real challenge to learn to feel what they really need, what they want, to express it, and through this be able to take more space for themselves.

All these characteristics can offer fertile ground for the developing of depression, inner conflicts, fears, addictions and also anorexia, psychosomatic disorders and chronic fatigue.

It is also true that reality is not all black and white as described above and, of course, men can also elaborate their themes in their own ways.

During the therapy we will be working on your personal themes so that you can learn to be in contact and listen to what your needs are, so that the characteristics above can become a turning point for personal development.

This way we make it possible to turn our weaknesses into sources of personal power.